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Friends and Family

I wouldn't be the writer and artist I am today without the help of my friends and family. Check out just a few of the incredible artists, writers, makers, and doers who I'm lucky enough to know and love.


Check back often as I will be adding to this list periodically! 

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Danny Trujillo 


Dan is a super chill, down-for-anything, and loveable guy. His photos savor the uniqueness of each subject. Based in BKK, Thailand, Dan is a long-time homie and I'm constantly in awe of elegantly he captures his models. 

Melaina Kris

Writer & Editor

Melaina is an incredible writer and editor I first met in Chicago during our Habitat Lit Mag days. Her latest venture, "The Final Girl Review," is an indie blog dedicated to all things horror. If the occult and paranormal are your normal, I highly suggest floating on over. 

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Luther Hughes

Writer & Editor

Luther has always been something of a mentor to me and my poetry. A brilliant writer and editor, he is always saying exactly what each moment requests. Like the hat says, you'll probably see him licking a book at a literary conference. 

Anna McCrea

Wearable Art + Scuplture

Anna is an incredibly talented multi-disciplinary artist that specializes in wearable art (I am wearing a pair of her earrings as I write this). While she was my wife's friend first, I couldn't miss that chance to share her super cool and unique work on this list. 

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Peter Mamontov

Director & Videographer

A true ride or die, Pete is a friend from my home in Tampa. Based in NYC these days, Pete has the eye for anything in motion: animation, movies, TV. A gifted videographer, Pete's work is often musically driven and explores narrative from the inside out. Don't sleep on my man. 

Jared Birdseye

Producer & Mixing Engineer

Jared is one of the dopest producers I've ever met and they are always digging into what's up next in the hip-hop and electronic scenes. I've watched them go from DJ'ing house parties in Orlando to working with major artists in big time studios. Philly-based/internet-local, Jared will get your music sounding right. 

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Meg Caldwell

Writer & Educator

Even if she wasn't my wife, Meg's writing would captivate me. Obsessed with the natural world and the spirits living around us, her writing has a flair for the surreal. Also a gifted and patient educator, there isn't much Meg can't do when it comes to the language. 

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